Scandals in Sport - MasterMind5991 What do you think are some of the greatest scandals in sport?

Here are a few candidates:

  • NRL: Melbourne Storm salary cap breach.
  • AFL: Carlton Football Club salary cap breach.
  • Soccer: Those scandals you mentioned on the pre-blog show on Twitter.


This is the whole set of responses


TheGRVOfLightning - Those are clear and in Basketball well we'd both know where to start.


MasterMind5991 - I don't know about any basketball scandals in Australia, though I know there are many in the States.


TheGRVOfLightning - Donald Sterling is an asshole. He insulted MAGIC Johnson. Anyway. Let's explain why we left Wikipedia.


MasterMind5991 Our pages got wiped out because apparently we were not using it properly. What turned out to be only a discussion about "The Mole" turned into a worldwide phenomenon which was "terminated" two weeks ago.


TheGRVOfLightning - Somehow. SNTelevision made TWO Logie worthy discussion shows and we really should be in a hall of fame.

TheGRVOfLightning - Anyway. •Sigh• I continue dreaming of A5 marrying me, If only she did later on in my life but she never will.


MasterMind5991 - And what were those? I seem to have forgotten.


TheGRVOfLightning - Actually I just told A5 but I dreamed me and A5 were married and had quadruplets. Even then I just told her we had kids. 17 minutes ago

TheGRVOfLightning - If I could name them I would've named them Sarah, Bethany, Daniel and Adam.


MasterMind5991 Those are very good names. Did you watch the Logies last week? Obviously The Mole did not get a mention because of the very low ratings.


TheGRVOfLightning - No. I didn't. I don't know what I was doing anyway. That is what love does to me... 10 minutes ago


MasterMind5991 - How are you finding Wikia at the moment? Confusing to use or easy?


TheGRVOfLightning - Easy.


MasterMind5991 - Good to hear. That wraps up the opening episode on our new platform. Whatever was discussed here needs to be summarised in a new page in which the episode title will be the page title. The introductory quote (at the top of this wall) will be removed in 24 hours (so as to prevent overflooding this page).


TheGRVOfLightning - I'll make an archive page.